Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme

SEP was set up in 1998, by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, to develop innovative, low-cost resources to enhance secondary science education, and provide support for science teachers. It has produced an extensive set of publications and these have now been transferred to the National STEM Centre eLibrary:

Catalyst magazine is published by SEP. This topical science magazine for students aged 14-19 years brings science to life with insights into cutting-edge research and practical applications. The archive of articles has also been transferred to the National STEM Centre eLibrary:

SEP has a long-standing relationship with Mindsets (formerly Middlesex University Teaching Resources) in the development of low-cost equipment and practical resources. Copies of SEP publications (including subscriptions to Catalyst magazine) and the practical resources that accompany SEP’s ‘Innovations in Practical Work’ series are available for purchase from Mindsets (

We are continuing to seek to ensure that there is sufficient nationwide expertise in the use of SEP materials to ensure that teachers and schools benefit from their use. To this end, we are working with the Science Learning Centres to offer regional train the trainer events (for further details, visit

Please email for enquires related to the Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme and Catalyst magazine.